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Business Matchmaking

International business development is a labour-intensive endeavour for any company. At JE  we can jump-start your efforts by helping you to identify, screen, and meet prospective partners, agents, distributors, and customers. We have strong relationships with local businesses and can connect you to the right business partners and prospects. With our partner searches, personalized business matchmaking, we can maximize your business development efforts.

We always start with the development of an intake profile;

–       Identifying the most prospective partner profile;
–       Laying down a detailed description of the desired partner.
–       Scope of the partners services or products.
–       Supply chain, Market reputation
–       Requirements for organization type, structure and staff

With a few intermediate steps the final results are personal business meetings, with partners we have personally headhunted.
–       Verified company details
–       On site visits to ensure quality and authenticity of information.

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